Our Mission

  • To develop and deliver an appropriate service for children and young people who have been bereaved
  • To support local schools by sharing knowledge and best practice about bereavement and it's effect on children and young people
  • To provide ready access to information on all aspects of bereavement

Supporting bereaved children and young people during Coronavirus

Self-isolation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) is difficult for everyone, but for children and young people who are also grieving following the death of a loved one, these difficulties are likely to be amplified.

Here are some tips to help you support a bereaved child:

  1. Talking to children and young people can often find it helpful if they can talk about what has happened, helping them to make sense of events and feel less afraid for the future. It’s important to talk about their fears or anxieties as honestly as possible, using age-appropriate language. Give children honest, factual information that is appropriate to their age and level of understanding, and be guided by their questions.
  2. Keeping routines, try to keep to usual, daily routines as much as possible. Routines can be reassuring to children when everything else seems to be disrupted. If you are at home with your child, try to keep to regular routines such as meal times, school work, breaks, play and bedtime.
  3. Find ways of them staying connected to their friends and families. Phone calls, or video calls, using Zoom or Skype, will help a child / young people not feel so isolated.
  4. Help the child / young person find ways to think about and remember the person who has died, such as a memory box or scrapbook.
  5. Encourage the child / young person to get some exercise. Getting outside is good for everyone’s well-being.

Organisations that provide support for bereaved children and young people:

Winston’s Wish – 08088 020 021

Child Bereavement UK: 0800 02 888 40

One day sessions around Shropshire

As from 2020 we are planning to offer one day sessions around Shropshire county for 11 to 16 years old who have had bereavement in their lives. Further information to follow in the New Year.

Quiz postponed

Due to the England football team playing in the semi-finals on Wednesday 11th July, we have decided to postpone the quiz for a week. It will now take place on Wednesday 18th july. More time to get your thinking heads on.

Bridgnorth Carnival Day

What an amazing float – The Greatest Showman, created by Edge Gymnastics, dedicated to Rupert Beckett, with all the money raised going to Stacey’s Trust. Thank you so much Kelly Woodcock, Edge Gymnastics and the Beckett family.